Spring is finally here, which means it’s finally time to start spending more time outside. Here are some ways you can get creative with landscaping in your outdoor space.


1 – Lighting – Adding light fixtures along pathways and in key spots in the area is a practical way to beautify the space, as well as make it safer. Illuminating your yard is an easy, simple, and relatively cost-effective way to highlight the features of the property without having to make any significant changes.


2 – Retaining Walls -Similarly to the lights, retaining walls can be just as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing. Using rocks to define flowerbeds and sections of land create areas with visual interest. Incorporating strategically placed rocks, stones, boulders to create retaining walls around the land is crucial in preventing soil erosion over time.


3 – Patios & Decks – As we spend more time outside in the Spring and Summer, having a place to sit comfortably and entertain is a must. Consider a screened-in patio to prevent bothersome bugs, or perhaps an umbrella or sunshade to provide some coverage to relax beneath. Rocking chairs, fire pits, hammocks, barbecues, etc are all great ways to spice up your functional outdoor space.


4 – Pathways – Like a retaining wall, having paths to break up green spaces throughout the property serves many purposes. Not only do they provide a clear and safe way to get around the area without getting your shoes dirty, but they can also really give shape to the yard to enhance the general look of the landscape.


Which of these ideas speaks to you most? I would be happy to help you come up with creative, inexpensive, and functional ways to enhance your outdoor space.