Thinking about retiring and relocating to another state, but not sure where to go? Many factors are involved when deciding where to move, such as cost of living, friends, and family, climate, healthcare access, activities, etc.

Great Places to Retire

Florida | Virginia | Colorado

After reviewing several surveys, I noticed a pattern. In nearly every poll, Florida and Virginia are ranked first and second, respectively, as the best place to retire. Colorado often appears next on the list. Check out what makes these locations so popular for retirees.



It’s no secret that Florida is a top spot for retirees. In addition to all the appealing aspects of living in a warm, coastal environment, affordability and cost of living are big factors. According to The Annuity Expert, comfortably retiring in Florida requires having about $175,000 saved. Consistent housing, picturesque views, and an abundance of attractive retirement communities all contribute to Florida’s ranking as the best place to retire in the USA. However, property sales prices and rent are currently high, which is important to take into consideration over the long term.



For those who try to stay active and who enjoy nature and spending time outdoors, Virginia is a fantastic place to retire. Moreover, this beautiful state is known for being tax-friendly toward retirees, as Social Security income is not taxed, and withdrawals from retirement accounts are only partially taxed. Virginia is also a jackpot for people who love learning about history!



Colorado’s retirees also enjoy sizable tax benefits, including a significant deduction on all retirement income. Additionally, Colorado has some of the lowest property taxes in the country! For those who don’t mind the cold, Colorado is a wonderful place to retire. Similar to Virginia, Colorado is a hotspot for nature enjoyers, as it boasts four of the most renowned state parts in the country!


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