Five Tips for Spring Cleaning

April 5, 2021 – At long last, spring is finally here! Whether you plan to stage your home to sell or just looking to freshen up, spring cleaning is a great way to revitalize your home after a long tedious winter. Even though spring cleaning can be a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be. Plus, the results are worth it! Below are a few great spring cleaning tips:

  1. Break it down: While you might be anxious to get it all over with, breaking down your tasks into smaller, more manageable, chunks that you can space out is often more productive. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a marathon! Trying to tackle everything at once can be unnecessarily exhausting, and you likely won’t achieve the same results. Establish new, ongoing cleaning habits to maintain it and make next year’s spring cleaning even easier!
  2. Go room by room: Covering one room at a time is a manageable and efficient way to approach deep-cleaning your home. Stay organized by creating checklists for each room, making sure to direct extra focus towards neglected areas over the winter.
  3. Clutter control: Create a system for organizing and clearing clutter. There are multiple ways of approaching this. Marie Kondo encourages a five-step system centered around the concept of only keeping items that speak to the heart and discarding anything that no longer “sparks joy.” Others recommend taking a four-step approach: identifying problem areas, analyzing reasons for the clutter, determining solutions, then implementing remedies to prevent future clutter build-up. Regardless of what method you choose, as you sort through your clutter, divide it into four categories: trash, give away, store, or put away.
  4. Get everyone involved: Making spring cleaning a household endeavor can be beneficial for several reasons. Assign age-appropriate tasks for all family members. Jam to some music while you clean or throw in a rewarding incentive to make chores faster and more fun!
  5. Season’s greetings: Make sure to get ahead on seasonal chores like cleaning the patio, grill, and windows’ outsides. Additionally, change the vibes inside your home to fit the new season. Move winter clothing, decor, and other items into storage, and bring out spring decor and apparel for a refreshing change.